The development of an athlete to an Elite/Olympic level is a long and involved process. It takes a huge commitment on the part of the athlete, coaches and parents. This is the main reason behind the Parents for Sports Society. We are a group of parents who have supported our children’s development up to International level competitors. The costs associated with this achievement have become very challenging. We have also witnessed many talented athletes who have faced the harsh reality that they cannot compete, as they should, because the funds just are not available. Athletes in Canada do not have the same opportunities as athletes from other countries because many are self-funded and those costs are prohibitive.

The Parents for Sports Society is a non-profit organization (BN83411 0538) established to help promote, educate and provide financial assistance in the form of grant scholarships to aid high performance athletes in their education, training and development. The founding and current board of directors is made up of every day parents from every walk of life.

Running a not for profit organization is a big responsibility and can be a lot of work. Our passion for our athlete’s continuing development, the sport, fair competition and healthy participation in the community continue to be our core values, helping us work together to achieve our goals.